Take Care of Our Fields


IMPORTANT NOTE: Field Housekeeping

  1. No parking on the grass especially by Landersdale Rd. It is creating a big safety issue by reducing visibility. If it continues to happen, cars will be towed. There is PLENTY of parking in the back.
  2. No pets please. We have had issues with people not being responsible for their pets messes and cleaning it up. We are not going to be cleaning up pets messes for people.
  3. During practice, please pick up drink bottles and trash to help the mowing crew. Coaches make sure your kids and parents pick up their trash and place it where it belongs.

Our Mission

Love, Protect, Educate, and Motivate
The Morris Cohen Junior Football League will exist to inspire youth to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness; to encourage adults to behave in a exemplary manner when supervising youth; and to keep the welfare of the youth foremost and free from any adult compulsion for power and glory. We will also strive to prepare the youth in our league for continued involvement in the Mooresville Football Program.


For questions, email   mjfl@mooresvillefootball.com