Super Saturday- October 6, 2018

*****All Games to be played on the High School Turf*****

Second Grade Super Bowl -  1pm

Mooresville Navy vs. Mooresville Gold

Flag 2 vs. Flag 4 - 2:30pm

American League Super Bowl - 3:00pm

Mooresville Blue (Terrell) vs. Mooresville White (Dobkins)

Flag 1 vs. Flag 3 - 4:30pm

National League Super Bowl - 5:00pm

Mooresville Gold (Lynn) vs. Mooresville Navy (Gray)

Congratulations to the entire Morris Cohen Mooresville Junior Football League on a tremendous 2018 season.  Each and every team worked hard and represented the league very well each and every weekend.  Thank you to all parents, players, and volunteers for making the 2018 a success. 

Week 7 Game Schedule

Saturday September 29

National League

Greenwood Gold @ Mooresville Gold 9:00am Field 1

Greenwood White @ Mooresville White 10:15am Field 1

Greenwood Green @ Mooresville Navy 11:30am Field 1

American League

Mooresville Navy @ Greenwood Green 10:00am Greenwood Middle School

Mooresville Gold @ Greenwood Gold 11:30am Greenwood Middle School

Mooresville White @ Plainfield-Purdue 1:30pm Plainfield High School (Minor Stadium)

GWMS- 1584 Averitt Rd Greenwood In 46143

PFHS- 1 Red Pride Dr. Plainfield In

Second Grade

Mooresville Gold @ Whiteland-Butler 1:00pm   Whiteland

Whiteland Louisville @ Mooresville Navy 12:45pm  Field 1

Whiteland- 3030 North 125 West- Whiteland In 46184


Team 1 vs Team 2 9:00am

Team 3 vs Team 4 10:30am

Week 6 Game Schedule

Saturday September 22

National League

Saturday September 22

WL- Ball State @ Mooresville Navy         9:00am             Field 3

WL- Georgia   @ Mooresville Gold         10:15am             Field 3

WL- TCU         @ Mooresville White       11:30am            Field 3

American League

Whiteland-  3030 North 125 West, Whiteland IN 46184

Saturday September 22

WL-  Alabama  @ Mooresville White     11:30am             Field 2

Mooresville Gold @ WL- Auburn            2:00pm             Field 2

Mooresville Navy @ WL- Boise State     3:00pm             Filed 2

Second Grade

Saturday September 22

WL- Indiana @ Mooresville Navy            9:00am            Field 2

Martinsville White @ Mooresville Gold   10:15am          Field 2


Team 2 vs. Team 4       9:00am

Team 1 vs. Team 3      10:30am

Week 5 Game Schedule

National League  @ Perry Middle School

202 South Meridian School Rd. Indianapolis 46217

Saturday September 15

Mooresville Navy @ Perry Navy            9:15am          PMMS 2

Mooresville Gold @ Perry Silver          10:30am          PMMS 1

Mooresville White @ Perry Columbia    9:15am          PMMS 1

American League @ Mooresville Junior League

Saturday September 15

Whiteland Georgia @ Mooresville White  9:00am      Field 3

Perry Navy @ Mooresville Navy             10:15am      Field 3

Perry Silver @ Mooresville Gold             11:30am      Field 3

Second Grade @ Mooresville Junior League

Saturday September 15

Greenwood Green @ Mooresville Navy    9:00am       Field 1

Greenwood White @ Mooresville Gold   10:15am       Field 1

Flag @ Mooresville Junior League

Saturday September 15

Team 3 vs. Team 2   9:00am

Team 4 vs. Team 1  10:30am

Week 4 Game Schedule

***Updated Game Schedule***


National League

Mooresville White @ Franklin Blue              Tuesday September 11               6pm

Mooresville Gold @ Franklin Red                Tuesday September 11                7pm

Mooresville Navy @ Franklin White            Wednesday September 13          6pm

American League

Franklin Black @ Mooresville Gold             Monday September 10                 6pm       Field 1

Franklin Whites @ Mooresville Navy          Wednesday September 12           6pm       Field 1

Franklin Blue @ Mooresville White            Wednesday September 12            6pm       Field 3

Second Grade

Martinsville Blue @ Mooresville Gold        Monday September 10                 6pm        Field 3

Mooresville Navy @ Greenwood               Wednesday September 12            6pm       Greenwood Middle School


****Will need to get with Coaches on Make Up Dates****

Times and Dates TBD

Team 2 vs. Team 1

Team 4 @ Team 3



There are No Games Saturday September the 1st in observance of the Labor Day Holiday


Games will resume Saturday September 7


Thank you for everyone's support and have a great off weekend and see everyone next week.


Regular Season Week 3 Revised Schedules

National League @ Martinsville HS Field(Turf)

Mooresville White @ Martinsville Red-  12:30pm Sunday 8-26

Mooresville Gold @ Martinsville Blue-  1:30pm Sunday 8-26

Mooresville Navy @ Martinsville Grey-  2:30pm Sunday 8-26

American League @ Mooresville (Landersdale Complex)

Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule

Martinsville Red @ Mooresville Gold- 6pm Tuesday 8-28 Field 3

Martinsville Navy @ Mooresville Navy- 6pm Wednesday 8-29 Field 2

Martinsville Grey @ Mooresville White- 6pm Tuesday 8-28 Field 2

Second Grade Tackle @ Mooresville (Landersdale Complex)

Mooresville Navy @ Mooresville Gold- 6pm Tuesday 8-27 Field 2

Flag (Home Games)

Make Up Dates TBD- Week 3

Road Facility Address

Martinsville-  1360 E Gray St Martinsville In 46151



 Mooresville Junior Cheerleading Facebook Link

*For information on the Mooresville Junior cheer teams*


The Morris Cohen Jr Football League (formerly Mooresville Jr Football League) is located in Mooresville, IN.

It is a completely not-for-profit, independent league operated completely by volunteers and funded by league fees, fundraising, grants, and local sponsors. The league, started in the mid 1970s, provides an organized venue for youth football and cheerleading participation from Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Practice generally begins during the last week of July. Regular season games start mid-August and continue through the first week of October and ending with an end of the season tournament and championship Superbowl game mid-October.


Love, Protect, Educate, and Motivate
The Morris Cohen Junior Football League will exist to inspire youth to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness; to encourage adults to behave in a exemplary manner when supervising youth; and to keep the welfare of the youth foremost and free from any adult compulsion for power and glory. We will also strive to prepare the youth in our league for continued involvement in the Mooresville Football Program.



Flag: K-1 (Ages 5-7)
2nd Grade - Tackle
 - 2nd Grade
American Tackle
 - Grades (3-4)
National Tackle
 - Grades (5-6)



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7125 Landersdale Road, Camby IN, 46113