Practice Week One and Two

Please scroll down page for Week 1 and Week 2 Practice Times and Dates. All Divisions will practice together the first 2 weeks.  Flag Coaches will contact Parents for practice times, Flag players are not required to attend the 2 week practice schedule noted below. Please contact the board or your players head coach if you have any questions pertaining to first two weeks of practice.

2017 Junior Football Camp wrapped up Thursday

The 2017 Mooresville junior football camp wrapped up on Thursday night and was a huge success.  for four nights over 140 middle school, Igtfl, and MJFL players were coached and trained on the fundamentals of the game of football.  The players were coached up on using proper techniques to execute plays during practices and how to properly apply in game situations. 

Each player worked hard each day and worked to get better each and every rep. each player was given the tools needed to have a successful 2017 season,  it is now in the hands of each player and youth coach to apply what they have learned and continue to work to improve each and every day.

Thank you to Coach gillin, the varsity and middle school staff, along with the High School players, youth coaches,  and MJFL Board members for your dedication to be part of something bigger. thank you also goes out to the parents and players for your dedication to the Mooresville football program. 


*Practice Week One - July 24-27*

Practice held at Landersdale Complex

All Leagues will practice week one from 6-7:30pm M-Th

(Does not apply to Flag- Flag coaches will contact parents for practice times)


*Practice Week two- July 31 through August 3*

Practice held at Landersdale Complex

All Leagues will practice week two from 6-7:30pm M-Th

(Does not apply to Flag- Flag coaches will contact parents for practice times)


Opening Day - August 5th

*Will update opening day schedule shortly*


Mooresville Junior Cheerleading Facebook Link

*For information on the Mooresville Junior cheer teams*


The Morris Cohen Jr Football League (formerly Mooresville Jr Football League) is located in Mooresville, IN.

It is a completely not-for-profit, independent league operated completely by volunteers and funded by league fees, fundraising, grants, and local sponsors. The league, started in the mid 1970s, provides an organized venue for youth football and cheerleading participation from Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Practice generally begins during the last week of July. Regular season games start mid-August and continue through the first week of October and ending with an end of the season tournament and championship Superbowl game mid-October.


Love, Protect, Educate, and Motivate
The Morris Cohen Junior Football League will exist to inspire youth to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness; to encourage adults to behave in a exemplary manner when supervising youth; and to keep the welfare of the youth foremost and free from any adult compulsion for power and glory. We will also strive to prepare the youth in our league for continued involvement in the Mooresville Football Program.



Flag: K-1 (Ages 5-7)
2nd Grade - Tackle
 - 2nd Grade
American Tackle
 - Grades (3-4)
National Tackle
 - Grades (5-6)



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7125 Landersdale Road, Camby IN, 46331