Morris Cohen (1933-2008)

Morris owned and operated Cohen Construction in Mooresville, IN for 40 years. He also worked in Maintenance at Bradford Woods in Martinsville, IN for several years, retiring in 2004. He officiated football, basketball and baseball games all over the state for over 50 years.

In 2008, Mooresville Junior Football League was renamed Morris Cohen Junior Football League for his dedication and involvement in the league and the youth of this community.

Who is Morris Cohen

Our junior football league is named the Morris Cohen MJFL. Many of you may ask who is Morris Cohen?

Morris Cohen was youth football. He was one of the original founders of the Mooresville Junior Football League. While that must have been a major undertaking in itself, he did not stop there. For nearly 35 years, as a referee at the MJFL Newby field, Morris gently coached, guided, and inspired the youth of Mooresville. Anyone who has stepped onto the field, whether they were a player or coach, benefited from his wisdom.

Football is a passionate game. Sometimes players, but more often coaches, get caught up in the moment—lose their cool—even become hostile. Morris could see these situations developing and had a gift for “heading them off at the pass”. Morris would simply take a coach firmly by the elbow and lead him away from the heated situation, calmly imparting his “wisdom” until he was satisfied you were ready to resume the game. Never once he try to embarrass anyone in front of the crowd or overreact to make his point. This is the hallmark of a true gentleman.

His dedication to the players was without a doubt the reason he came back year after year. A referee is supposed to remain neutral. Not Morris. He always favored the kids. It didn’t matter what team they played for, their safety always came first. Whether stopping a game because a player’s shoe needed tying or correcting them when they used an unsafe technique. Morris was the same every Saturday—a quiet gentleman looking out for our kids.

It was for these reasons and more, that, in 2008. the MJFL board members felt it was time to honor him for his lifetime of service to the Mooresville Junior Football League. By unanimous vote, the league changed its name to the name to Morris Cohen Mooresville Junior Football League.